The Acts

Join us

June 9th - 10th

︎Two Day Camping fest in Southwest Minnesota

︎Over 50 artists:

live music
funk and house DJs
drag and burlesque
comedy and poetry

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About Us

Prairie Fyre is the collaborative vision of some inspired people with means and gumption to have a big party.

Our values are essenced in wanting to share and collaborate as opposed to perform and boast.

Everyone has something to bring to the prairie and we want people to show up in their own way (even if it's just by showing up!)

What is Prairie Fyre?

Expect burlesque, comedy, poetry, awesome bands and underground DJs spinning techno, house, funk and everything in between. Intimate camping on a homestead in Southwest Minnesota with friends known and those unknown (until June, anyway).

Prairie Fyre isn't just a music festival and it isn't just an arts festival. It's a music and variety and art and culture and whatever else us weirdos want to bring out to the prairie to share with all of us.